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Welcome to the virtual open house for two rezoning applications


 If you missed the presentation you can download the presentation PDF below or view our frequently asked questions.

2746 Peatt Road and 2739-2751 Scafe Road (Central) and 808-820 Arncote Ave, 2630-2646 Peatt Road, and 2633- 2647 Sunderland Road (Gateway)

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Neighbourhood Context

Langford Central and Langford Gateway are located in the core of Langford City Centre with easy access to major transportation arteries. The City Center neighbourhood is a rapidly developing part of downtown Langford, which offers an array of activities and amenities to residents, who are largely young families. The neighbourhood is evolving into a walkable mixed-use core attracting more people from all stages of life.

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Policy Context

Both sites are located in the City Centre neighbourhood as designated in the City of Langford's Official Community Plan (OCP) area. The OCP describes the City Centre as the “major regional growth and employment center that supports a wide range of high-density housing with the highest concentration being adjacent to major arterial routes such as Goldstream Avenue, Veterans Memorial Parkway, Peatt Road and Jacklin Road.” The OCP also highlights the vision for a mixed-use vibrant & walkable community that solidifies Goldstream Avenue as the heart of the city center.

View the full Langford OCP here. 

The Proposals


Together, these two separate proposals have the opportunity to significantly impact homeownership attainability in Langford while providing new daycare space and new outdoor connections, as well as bringing new shops and services to the area.


Langford Central is located between Scafe Road and Peatt Road, approximately 200 m north of Goldstream Avenue. 

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Langford Gateway is located between Peatt Road and Sunderland Road, directly north of Arncote Avenue. 


Jagpal Development Ltd. has submitted a rezoning application to permit:

  • 271 new homes are proposed within one 24-storey and one 19-storey building

  • The new homes will meet the needs of a variety of families and individuals ranging in size from 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom homes

  •  A 1,880 sq. ft daycare facility

  • Commercial office space, the daycare, and retail space occupy one 4-storey building that extends to serve as the parking podium for the two residential buildings


  • Residential building amenities include outdoor gathering spaces, kids play areas, outdoor sports areas, garden plots, podium park space, and outdoor dining areas

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Langford Gateway Developments Inc. has submitted a rezoning application to permit:

  • Three-to-four buildings ranging between 13 and 22 storeys

  • These buildings will provide a range of uses including residential, retail, office, and daycare

  • Over 400 new homes ranging in size from 1-to-3-bedrooms

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The Development Permit Application is for Phase 1 of the two phase project and includes: 

  • One 22-storey residential building and one 18-storey residential building atop a podium

  • Residential building amenities include garden plots, pickle-ball courts, upper and lower patio areas complete with dining tables and BBQ stations

  • As part of this application, Langford Gateway Developments Inc. has entered into a land-swap agreement with the Langford 50+ Club. At no cost to the 50+ Club, a completely new clubhouse will be built by Langford Gateway Developments Inc. at 840 Arncote Avenue.

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Better Together

Together, these proposals have the opportunity to significantly impact homeownership attainability in Langford while providing new daycare space and new outdoor connections, as well as bringing new shops and services to the area.

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Providing attainable home ownership opportunities for a wide range of individuals


A variety of housing sizes and options for singles, couples, young-professionals, families, downsizers, and seniors


New retail, coffee shop, and commercial space to activate the street front and service the community


Approximately 4,700 sf of new daycare space with a facility proposed as part of each application


A range of residential amenities are offered between the two buildings including a kids play area, a podium park, and dining spaces


If you have any questions, please contact: 

Samantha Potter,  Pooni Group


Phone: 604-731-9053 ext. 101


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